Prep 2018 tour dates
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7th at 10:00am
14th at 2:15pm
21st at 10:00am
24th at 10:00am
29th at 2:15pm
30th at 10:00am

18th at 2.15pm
19th at 10am
28th at 10am

1st at 10.15am
8th at 2.15pm
12th at 10am
17th at 2.15pm
24th at 6.15pm
30th at 2.15pm

2nd at 10am
6th at 2.15pm
14th at 2.15pm
19th at 10.15am
23rd at 10am

Prep 2018 transition dates

Fridays from 2:15 – 3:15pm

Term 3:
28th July
11th August
25th August
8th September

Term 4:
20th October
3rd November
17th November

Prep information night – Tuesday 5th December

Stepping Up – Tuesday 12th December

Yarra Road Primary School

Yarra Road Primary School’s motto ‘Enjoying the Road to Success’ underpins the planning and delivery of our curriculum programs. We strive to develop personal qualities in our students which reflect our school values: respect, responsibility, excellence, confidence and resilience.

We recognise the importance of developing the whole child and conduct programs which cater for the wide range of academic, cultural, physical and emotional needs and interests of our students.

Yarra Road Primary School is excited and proud to mark its 90th anniversary in 2015. Since 1925 the school has been a place where the community works together to support all children in their learning and social development.

The school has seen many physical changes over this time, expanding from the fifteen students that began in 1925 to our current enrolment of 360 pupils. Throughout the years we have watched with pride as our students have excelled in many fields and we welcome them back to visit the school to share their achievements and stories.

Celebrating 90 years at Yarra Road Primary School


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