Student Wellbeing

Wellbeing Coordinator

At Yarra Road we have a full time Student Wellbeing Coordinator available to both parents and students. Andrew’s role involves supporting the welfare of all students by working with parents and staff to support the indiviudual needs of the child.

Andrew is also responsible for coordinating the Program for Students with Disabilities, which includes liaising with parents, psychologists and speech pathologists in order to support learning and arrange student funding.


The Mateship program at Yarra Road helps to build connectedness throughout our school. Each student is assigned a group with a Mateship teacher who will stay with them htroughout their schooling. Each group consists of children from Prep to 6, which helps to build relationships across age groups, which ties in with our buddy program. Prep students are teamed up with their Year 5 buddies and attend Mateship sessions together.

Mateship sessions often contain a strong emphasis on our school values; Confidence, Respect, Responsibility, Excellence and Resilience. Activities can also include cooking, team skills and Circle Time games.

Rights, Resilience & Respectful Relationships

At Yarra Road we teach Rights, Resilience & Respectful Relationships as a way to promote and model respect, positive attitudes and behaviors. This program teaches our children how to build healthy relationships, resilience and confidence.

Our Student Wellbeing teacher takes classes from grades 1 – 6 to explicitly teach these important life skills through role plays, Circle Time discussions and interactive games.


Other ways Yarra Road supports Wellbeing

  • National Anti-Bullying Days
  • Dogs 4 Life Program
  • Working with outside agencies to support families in need
  • Implementing Positive Education as part of our school network initiative
  • Better Buddies program
  • Education around online safety
  • Kagan Cooperative learning
  • Mateship & Circle Time

Working Against Bullying

Yarra Road Primary values a school culture of mutual respect, the appreciation of individual differences and the positive resolution of conflict. We recognise that bullying exists in many forms within schools and the wider community. We are therefor dedicated to creating a happy, caring environment through intervention and preventative strategies and programs, in order to create a supportive setting where children can thrive and be happy.